VisionTrader - version 588

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  1. VisionTrader, version 588
    Just released is a new, enhanced version of VisionTraderthat supports even more integration with IB, that includes enhanced "Freeze" support for more precise DOM & level 2 order entry, refined order routing and the ability to perform single-click order entry and change/cancel.
    Also, in this build, we've improved the "Performance Reporting" feature - analyze your trading to determine where you're most effective!
    All this functionality is FREE - just register, and start using. Now supports IB, Patsystems, GAIN Capital and optionsXpress!.

    For more information, either visit:
    or email

    for support, please visit


    Brent, VisionTrader Product Management
  2. do u need an esignal acct or will it work with IB only?
  3. Hi Stockgirl,

    You don't need an eSignal account,
    just your IB account :)
    Visit the website, register, create a userid & password,
    and start using VisionTrader free
    to more quickly and accurately place trades
    and manage your orders with any of the
    four trading service providers we currently support
    (and ones we'll be adding in the near future).
    Current brokers & those coming soon

    For more information, please email me directly at
    or visit

    Thanks for your interest,

    VisionTrader Product Management
  4. thx but the email esignal sends out with username and password does not work. tried it twice
  5. Hi Stockgirl,

    Per my PM, send me an email or pm with your username and I'll make sure you get access.


    VisionTrader Product Management
  6. installed, but when i try to open.. i get error msg saying something like "check to see if esignal is installed properly"

    i emailed you also :)
  7. Strategy Runner has PATS feed

    How it works?

    there is no license....I mean in the "license field"
  8. Andriy


    You folks need to get your act together. Either this software is free, or it isn't. Either it requires registration, or it doesn't. As it stands right now, nothing works the way your ads claim. SO what's the point?

    If you're going to offer something to potential customers to try, then by golly, make it work, else you're just wasting our time...
  9. Well free does not necessarily imply no registration.

    On the other hand, agree there is no point promoting some free software when it doesn't appear to work in a straightforward manner for users who are not already E-Signal subscribers. Seems to be some issues with username/password verification procedures/technology.
  10. dang it, guess that was a bust...
    lil program looked nice too
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