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    I have discovered something about myself here at ET. Please all Elites have mercy.

    I made a decision to convert from a Forex trader to a Futures Trader. Then......

    I spent an enormous amount of time developing, backtesting, tweaking my VisionTrade strategy. I even took it public here at ET and made live calls for a few weeks. Then....

    I felt I was ready. Went to market, the first week was not good. The second week, I performed almost identically to my tested system with the exception that I overtraded. Made a profit. Success rates on trades were okay, just overtraded. Rookie Driver. Then.....

    For some reason, don't ask me to explain it, I decide I am going to go off on a totally different tangent. Christ. Were's the logic here. What the hell am I thinking. I don't mind telling you....


    Geeeeezzzzy Peeeezzzy

    I think understand how Kobe can get into these situations.

    I am going back to my roots, back to my system. I don't think 10 trading days is enough to evaluate where I may be headed with this. I will be back to predicting the weather in very short time frames, why do I really care what happens tommorrow or next week. If its sunny, I will go out. If it rains, I will take cover. All I care about is ..................


    Funkman - Can you make a picture of a grown man with a big foot kicking him in the ass.

    Thanks to everybody who saw me thru this. I will recover. Count on it.
  2. I refer you to the Vision of the Day thread so that you can read about my strategy on how to stop a deranged mind from acting out its complusions.
  3. I think the trading gods have trade demons live in your brain until they suck enough money and humbleness out you to be considered a real trader.
    - VisionTrader
  4. You'll be fine. Everyone can have a bad day/week/month, no matter what their profession. Going live from papertrading is often rocky.

    The encouraging news is you seem to have self-corrected without blowing out. You just need to resist the urge to overthink things.
  5. TGregg


    Man, I've been there. A few years ago, I was in a fee-based chat room, led by Ken Cayotee (not his real name). He'd make a trade, I'd follow and get creamed, every stinkin time! The first time, OK. The second, well I'm still learning. The third, I shoulda known better. After the fourth time I made a sticky note that said "Ken is a loser! Don't follow his trades!" and put it on one of my monitors.

    Geez, four freaken times. But that note did the trick to keep me out. Pretty much the only thing I learned from that room.
  6. VisionTrader,

    Trade your system!!! This system had proven itself so far. Any system have it's better and worse days, but you will never know it's full (real-life) potenitial unless you use it for a considerable amount of time over every type of day.... But everything I said here you already know. So don't feel discouraged, we are all idiots!
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    1. You already recovered. Congrat.
    2. It's part of the system. You HAVE to expect it. Your biggets enemy after all is you ...
    3. No further comments.