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  1. Anyone here suffer vision problems from long term trading/staring at the monitor? I've been trading full-time for 10 years now and used to have 20-20 vision. Haven't had my eyes checked in years but now I'm nearsighted with only 20-40 in one eye and 20-50 in the other. I need to start wearing glasses which sucks. Anyone else experience the same thing?
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    Didn't you try special glasses with protective film on them?
  3. Very funny...
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    "Anyone here suffer vision problems from long term trading/staring at the monitor?"
    No man,everyone are very happy from staring at the monitor for 10 years.
    Even more funny.
  5. It's probably age too. 40-45 is when alot of people start to need reading glasses, but I'm sure 10 years of full-time video gaming can hasten the process.
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    I personally use those glasses which was developed by ophthalmologist.Now it's like watching the welding if without them.Mail me I'll send you if you need it.
  7. Yeah but that's farsightedness... I'm nearsighted. I can read anything close up without issue; it's far away objects that I have difficulty with. Like reading the streaming quotes on CNBC from my bed for example.

  8. I found myself getting very tired late in the trading day. My wife suggested I get my eyes examined. I did and they changed the prescription. Problem solved.
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    I had the same problem at work (fatigue) but along with terrible headaches (which got me to the doc). Figured it was eyes so I had my script updated and got my company to order me glare-guards for my monitors - feeling exponentially better now. Also, a bunch of other people ordered glare-guards after I got mine and said that their headaches and eye strain were much improved afterwards.
  10. Simple solution: Hanns G Monitor 281 HPZ model. 28" monitor.
    I have the older 281 D model and it's great...knock on wood...they have been known to die easily...bad caps, bad main boards, etc.
    The key to this monitor: super brite output and 16:10 screen format.
    All of the newer monitors have 16:9 format....and that stinks for a lot of fonts....everything is distorted, stretched.
    I bot a Viewsonic 27" monitor - brand new - and it's nothing compared to the older Hanns G monitors. I'd have to move up to the 30" Viewsonic for it to be comparable in output.
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