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    somebody using Vision Advantage from Vision Financial Markets LLC ("Vision")?

    To achieve the goal of developing an industry leading trade entry platform, Vision’s user interface specialists have worked hand-in-hand with our programming team to incorporate a design which we call, “fast and friendly.” Upon first look, traders will notice that all major features are only one click away, including a wide array of real-time quoting*, charting, news and technical analysis tools. Whether you day-trade the E-minis and rely on depth-of-market, or place sophisticated multi-leg options spreads and need option Greeks, or possibly take long-term futures and/or option positions, Vision Advantage is the platform you have been waiting for. Ask your broker about Vision Advantage and learn what a difference it can make in your online trading.

    * Exchange fees associated with the use of real-time data may apply. Charting and analysis application results are generated utilizing data that may be up to 30 minutes delayed. Vision Advantage