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  1. YaYaMon


    US Stock Market: Us stock market will reach to a bottom in first quarter, and then continue to rise; But the up trend is weak; finally the close price is a little higher than the open.

    The Trend of EUR/USD: EUR is still on strong up trend path.

    Gold Price: The gold price continues rising until August; the price will reach to a top in August and then fall.
    The close price will be higher than the open price.

    Crude Oil Price: The price continues rising; some paroxysmal events will make the price fluctuating in wide range.

    China Stock Market: A top have be formed in 2007, and the market declines through the year with intricate fluctuating.
    And the index maybe reaches another lower top between 5500¡ª6000 in Jan.

    Real Estate Market in Canton: Stop rising real estate price, is small the trading volume, is stringent money; It is difficult time for developers.

    the vision above is get by super intuition, so don't ask why.
  2. jasonjm


    I just want to know what program you used to translate this that decided to use "paroxysmal"
  3. thnx

    i just changed all my trading to follow your recs. hell, if you can't trust "super intuition", what can you trust?...
  4. YaYaMon


    My english writing skill is not good; So there are many mistakes in my post. But I hope any one would not misunderstand information in my post.

    It is difficult to trust any thing in financial market. I will not reply this post any more untill the end of 2008.

    Good luck those who trust in 'Super Intuition'.
  5. This is my view.

    USD will continue it's slide into all time low. Which will leads to all of the following:

    - Other currencies will continue their advance against USD

    - Energy and Metal price will continue it's rise because commodities price is denoted in USD, which lead to higher price for everything else.

    - Due to higher energy price, there is less money in Joe Six Packs package, which lead to less spending. Or loaded up on credits again, which will lead to another mess down the road.

    Fed will continue to cut rate to lift the market temporary, but it will depress the USD. The cute will not save the banks and other financial insitutation, the government needs to let the market to run it's course and correct itself.