Visibility into MBS (Fannie, Freddy), Repo, CDS, and other Institutional Markets

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    Hey All,

    Anyone know how I can get visibility into the institutional markets, like MBS (Fannie, Freddy, Ginny), Repo, CDS, IRS, and the like?

    I realize that these are institutional products, typically out of the retail price range (>10M), but I'd love any kind of MD therefrom. These massive markets seem rather opaque to the average investor.

    I checked with Interactive Brokers, and they sent me to their MD Product Listings page (below). There's some stuff there for US Treasury Bonds, Corp, Munis, and a couple others... but visibility into the other big institutional markets. :(

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  2. Bloomberg Terminal has indicative prices for all of these products. Actionable levels usually come from dealers, so you'd have to make friends first.
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