Visial USD/CAD this year

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  1. Trying to get a visial chart forecast for usdcad
    So any comments would be great!!!

    I Guess it is suppose to crash...GL

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  2. go fundamental on this one, cause USDCAD is hard to forecast technically. focus on oil prices.
  3. alex
    How does this look to you?

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  4. honestly, i don't understand the charts. For me, i need to study price action, momentum and support/resistance. Only then i can make a decision (buy/sell/stay out).
  6. Eur/cad is crashing IMO
    to 1.35 By AUG 2007
  7. I Guess that means CAD/JPY to 133 around aud 2007
  8. with the fx mkt
    eur/chf I am very long
    USD/CAD very very short
    EURCAD short
    CAD/JPY very long
    all for aug 2007

  9. Was it necessary to have yet another thread on the Loonie?
  10. LarryS


    yes, the USD/CAD is strongly correlated with oil prices, that is what I would go by although only when oil is making news for either going extremely high or low...that happened last summer and the CAD definitely strengthened...they export 90% of their oil to the US so just through physical transfer of USD into CAD to buy oil will move the market
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