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  1. What do you think about buying Visa (V) just before the close today? They have earnings coming out after the bell.
  2. NoDoji


    Buying stocks prior to earnings is gambling. Follow the herd after earnings, IMHO. V fell a long way recently and has room to climb some more.
  3. V should be sold sooner rather than later.

    The above represents a 'random walk down wall street.'
  4. Ended up buying it right before the close at $48.9 and sold it in extended hours for $52.5. 9% move is good enough for me; didn't want to get stuck with it today on a pullback.
  5. azzzy


    Got in at the open at $52.00. Was waiting for it to hit $54.00. Put $0.80 trailing stop. The motherf###ing thing was almost at the target but then turned around, dropped the whole $0.80 and stopped me out!!! I was slow with the trigger the second time around - could've picked it up even lower than the first time. Oh well, got in at $50.30. Put a stop at the entry price. The price went up $0.40 and dropped again below the stop. Poop. I finally gave up and moved on to something else. Sure enough next thing I see V drops a whole dollar in 2 minutes. :eek: If I could day trade this would be an awesome stock to play. Alas I trade a small account (under $25K) and used up all my allowed day trades on this crap.
  6. I read some good stuff by an independent research firm before the close yesterday so figured I'd jump in just in case there was a pop, and there was. Wish I held it; it's up near it's high now near $54.

    What platform are you using to trade that only allows x-number of day trades? I use etrade: it's simple, instructional, and great for all trading (day, extended, global, etc).
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    I use IB. But it's not the platform, it's the law - to day trade you must have at least $25K in your account. With less you are limited to 4 day trades in 5 business days. So I try to make mine count.