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  1. Does anyone know when the IPO for VISA is?
  2. S2007S


    sometime in early 2008.
  3. Visa has 120 days from the announcement of completion of their restructuring to complete an IPO. The restructing was completed on Oct 3rd.

    So they will have to go public by Feb 3rd.

  4. aaaah just in time to pass the buck before the credit card meltdown.
  5. ET70424


    Law and legislation are much affected by politics, especially when there are powerful players exerting influence, or when there is broad public sentiment seeking change or demanding relief on an issue.

    I wonder if the law will be relaxed for personal bankruptcies in the future when an increasingly large number of the masses could no longer pay off their high-interest credit card burden.

    Well, even the sophisticated banks and financial institutions got relief with $billions in bailout money from the Fed and Treasury. So why not the unsophisticated Joe Sixpack? Sure the former is politically powerful and can throw their weight around while the latter has little clout to speak of, I understand that. But it seems the latter is just as deserving of a break, if not more so than the financial pillars.

    Like to hear what the politically savvy here think could happen in the near future, especially if the economy falls into recession, with many laid off.

    Another issue to ponder: Will the next U.S. president be a Democrat? What do you think? I presume the bankers prefer a Republican?

  6. Does anyone know when this goes down? 1 day after i cover?