Visa taking BIG DUMP in the afterhours Jackstone haters

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jackstone54, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. Who was right and who was wrong about Visa? I guess the back of Visa is now broken as their CEO has revealed this was a pump/dump afterall. The momentum is now broken and it will be swept under with the rest of the stocks in the great recession.

    Buy Kraft foods, thats what I am doing tommorrow because thats the only bullish thought on my mind...
  2. Um... you posted your put-buy on 4/1 after the close -- V shares closed at $62.32 on 4/2. Shares are ~$71 in AH trading.
  3. lol :D
  4. Going LONG Macaroni and Cheese into the recession - good play! :D
  5. In order to have haters, people actually have to give a shit about you....which they don't :D

  6. Pachoo


    Shut up already.

    You told the board to buy puts on Visa when Visa was at 61 LOL. Those puts would be down $600 - $800 each AFTER tonights sell off LOL.
  7. It would be cruel to hate an idiot that just doesn't know any better.
  8. Visa green today. Wrong again putz

    You were wrong about Ford, FSLR, the SPY tripple top at 138