Visa just gave the green light to short Mastercard

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  1. Short at will. All the pie sky people thinking V would blow the street away and smoke all consensus figures will be ripped a new one.

    You can stick a forward P/E of about 36 on this right now, and that's IF the consumer doesn't pull back on the plastic swiping (a very big if).

    And I love how the CEO says they're looking for net income increase of 11% to 15% YoY. Not exactly confidence inspiring, and certainly not worthy of a high multiple.

    If (when) the consumer pulls back, as utility bills, gasoline, and rising grocery and finance costs bury them, and they sit helplessly and watch their home values vaporize, that P/E is likely to swell to probably something closer to 50.

    See ya.
  2. pump and dump.
  3. so are you short?
  4. And what method do most consumers use to purchase gas and food, two items we KNOW they will be purchasing in the future?
  5. S2007S


    funny how most of the street thought that V would do great and guide higher, guess not.....
  6. careful with shorting this..
  7. And MA crushes earnings.

    Mea culpa.

    On the bright side, I waited until earnings before entering any trade.

    MA is not slowing down yet. It really is a dynamo.

    Who is getting long @ 250?
  8. Okay, they beat by a dollar.

    So, a 3.00 eps, and it's near 270 right now.That's insane. Clinically.

    If MA ever misses, even by a penny, it's going to crash so hard you will want to be there on a short entry. If it misses by more, you will make a quick $40/share.
  9. LOL. As substantial a comment as your OP.
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