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  1. Can an average joe like me get into the VISA IPO ? Anyone know of any brokers that has shares to disburse before trading day ?
  2. the answer is no.
  3. Sure. I will sell you shares for 75$ per share right now.
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    How long have you had your account with your broker and how much money do you have? I get bone tossed to me at 35 shares.
  5. When is Visa going public?
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    March 19/20 I believe
  7. sorry i'm a newb correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it you kinda can in a way that the major players buy the visa shares from the visa ipo for the price visa sets and then they'll sell it to u for more pocketing a quick profit?

    like its based on blcok or something the average investor doesnt have nearly enough capitol to take part in it, so a bigger player ( who has alot of money) takes part in it and then sells the shares he bought at 37ish to regular ppl for lets say like 45ish or sumthing???
  8. I'm curious about that too. Was thinking of contacting the financial advisor at Chase and seeing if he could get me in with $40,000 worth of shares.
  9. Save your money, there's a reason they're going public now and it's not to spread the wealth.
  10. Only if it's going to be a dog would they let you have it - like Vonage.

    Or it could be like Google but the heads of the company were fair and forced the underwriter to make some available to John Q Public against normal Wall St practices.
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