Visa files for one of largest U.S. stock offerings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FAST.AM, Nov 14, 2007.

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  2. It's not going public next week. They haven't announced a date yet, but it's expected to occur in the first quarter of '08. At any rate, I wouldn't count on it doing quite as well as MasterCard. The underwriters will most likely take it public at a richer valuation because MA did so well after the IPO. Just my $.02...
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    I heard they are going public sometime in early 2008. Maybe they are rushing the ipo.
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    Thank you for the information...
  5. "Visa has said it plans to use IPO proceeds to fund expansion and an escrow account to help cover legal bills."

    Expansion is good, legal bills are not. I see this IPO as more of a toss-up than some kind of Mastercard-esque savior. As Damnit says it will be priced high, and if we still have banks excessively covering their asses it could be born into a bear market and might not see anywhere near the price jump most people seem to expect. I'm not saying this won't be a solid IPO and investment opportunity, I am just slightly more bearish on it than I would have been, say 2 weeks ago.
  6. S2007S, you may be correct. There seems to be heightened urgency around this IPO. With most of the owning banks like JP Morgan taking credit hits... We may see this one sooner than we think.

    This one is certain to rejuvenate the entire market. I can't wait! This should be a WINNER!

  7. THis IPO will be a huge buy. I can see it double within a few months. VISA is the number one credit card company and has huge growth and revenue.