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  1. I have grisoft avg on my computer with windows 98. I just ran a scan and it found 10 viruses but it cannot heal or otherwise deal with any of them.

    Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of this mess. Thanks for any replies.
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    Get a second opinion, since there's lots of false positives nowadays. Fprot has a decent free antivirus, and MacAfee has an online virus scan called House Call or something like that. You can also shop at BitTorrent, if you know what I mean.

    Go into your registry (Start - Run - regedit.exe), go to (if i remember correctly) HKeys Local Machine - Software - Microsoft - Windows - Current Version - Run and then look for strange things in there. Be careful, check the directories they're in. They often name themselves things that sound legitimate. In Win98 you don't need hardly anything in there. I had 2 or 3 things at most on my Win98 (everything else is just bloat that slows you down). Also check Run Once, and Run Service, whatever it's called. Delete entries out of there, it controls what loads on startup. Find the virus files the registry says is loading on startup and delete them. Reboot, and see if they come back. Google whatever you know about the viruses (name, directory, symptoms, etc.) and the virus guys will have more help for you there. You can back up your registry by (I think) "exporting" to a file before you make changes, and if you mess it up, just double click the file and it will reset it back.

    p.s. I no longer use Windows, I have a Mac and I also run Ubuntu Linux and OpenBSD. *Every* operating system is better than Windows if your software will run on it or you're willing to switch software. I HIGHLY recommend switching if it's at all possible.
  3. thanks cable. thanks for the reply.
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    I use "AVG Free" and have never had that problem. You might want to give it a try. Also, make sure you keep your virus database up-to-date.

  5. Thanks HCOUR but I'm using AVG free right now and I updated it today.
  6. Open up your AVG program test center.

    At the top you'll see Information, click on that.

    Then click on "I need help- online services".

    This will open in an diff browser( at least it does with mine ).

    Then click on AVG Free Forum. There is a nice tutorial right there about removing viruses. I think they recommend running the scan in safe mode.

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    Oh I'm an idiot. Sorry. Maybe it has something to do w/Win 98?

    The only time AVG couldn't delete a virus in my system was when it was in an archived (zipped) file.

  8. cable,

    always loved macs for graphics, linux for techy moments, but never considered it for trading and analysis...

    any particular software favorites for these activities?
  9. I finally had to remove my operating system and files to deal with the viruses. Now I have other problems. Can't transport quotes from my broker to quotracker. Anyone have any ideas how I can solve this problem.
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    did you reinstall quotetracker?
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