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    All. Had a few mediocre trading days considering the market opportunities we had just experienced. Couldn't quite seem to get good fills. Just updated my virus scanner and BAM, I had been infected by a very sophisticated virus. Actually, It was a WORM. It 'burrows in', notifies it's mother over the internet and begins searching for new places to infect and replicate itself on other new machines it finds by scanning networks. It also awaits's it's mother to login in and have her way with your system, while you're on it.

    It was running all the time on my machine, soaking up CPU, delaying data feeds, quotes, fills and executions at my broker, and limiting available memory. As far as trading, I had 4 profitable days, but had to make up ground during the day on two of them just to get back above water after my first few bad fills.

    Be warned and update your virus software ASAP! It can be costly. I probably cost me at least 5K in bad fills!

    Careful Trading! :)

  2. What was the virus called? Thanks in advance
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