Virus ?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by a5519, Jul 3, 2003.

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    It seems I have catched virus. Computer doesn't boot, even BIOS doesn't start, so disk can not be re-formated, Windows can not be re-installed. Or may be motherboard crashed. Had somebody similar case ? Is there link to forum devoted to discussion of virus problems. thanks.
  2. That must be one powerful virus if BIOS doesnt start.

    I think there is a HIGH possiblitiy of physical malfunction than a virus.

    Overheating? Weird sound? Hard drive spinning at an irregular pace and sound?...
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    It is reading constantly CD drive, DVD drive, HD drive light always is on. May be it's HW crash. I dont know if it could be overheating, I have been monitoring for some time temperature it doesnt exceeded 60°C even during the most heavy loading. In the evening I have switched off, everything was OK. Than next norning turn on and it doesnt work. Not very nice day.
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    hard drive crash 90% probability. I will put in a new drive and try to copy over what I can.
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    In the case of disk crash I could expect that BIOS is started and at least keyboard and minitor are controlled. But keyboard as well as monitor are without sense.
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    Sounds similar to what happened to me a couple of yrs ago. Turned off at night it was fine, on in the a.m. and no boot, nothing but the drive light(or maybe it was just the power light, can't remember). Took it in as it was still under extended warranty. They picked and pulled and replaced different pieces but never did figure out what happened, it was just dead. Sucks to lose everything.


    I'd take this route. It'll be a PIA to install and configure new HDF, but worth it in long run. Once a HD chokes like that, I never trust them ever again.

    from the movie Swordfish...."Now son you've got yourself a 300lb Rottweiler, and you love him. But when he bites you, you gotta put him down, there's no telling who he'll bite next."

    I always loved that line, put the HD down, it may bite you again.

    Good luck!!!
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    thank you everybody, it seems realy HW problem, disk or motherboard. I'll try to find out.
  9. Check the power supply too.
  10. IMHO, your motherboard is dead. Too many of your power items ARE starting up. You didn't mention whether or not your monitor was giving any indications. But I'd be looking at that motherboard as the culprit here. :)
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