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  1. I have Mcafee security, I do scans and updates all the time but the scans never find the redirect virus I have that takes Yahoo searches and sends them to unrelated sites for hits I suppose.

    I phone Mcafee and its 89.99 to remove a virus that their software let through. They tell me they can't catch all the viruses. What a scam.
  2. McAfee sucks.

    ESET NOD32 or bust.
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    I just run a cheap hardware firewall, that can stealth your computer and it blocks spoofed url's... and I have the OS disk, every once in a while I just back up files and rebuild the computer with a hard drive full format... my trading machine is way more secured than that and it never, ever, at all, has any problems, not when it had XP and not with Vista... the surfing machine, it always will have some odd things happen and recently all my Word docs got wiped out so it's easy for me to believe that we are getting hacked more than anybody wants us to really know. I'm installing Vista on the surfing machine, that might be a little better than XP..

    NOD32 is well thought of. I just don't care for any of those programs anymore. I had Panda Zone Alarm running, I checked url's, I was connected to two notorious hacker sites... forget it, they are selling illusion as much as anything else...
  4. Using NOD32 and sanboxie or something similar is virtually foolproof.
  5. i've used kaspersky internet security for years...never failed me!
  6. Kaspersky and ESET NOD32 are the best two security packages, period.

    Kaspersky is excellent.
  7. Thank you one and all. Uninstalled Mcafee and installed the trial version of NOD32 and did a scan. It found 6 infilltrations where Mcafee couldn't find anything. Did a search w/Yahoo that used to redirect to an unrelated site and went straight on thru to the desired site. After the 30 days I'll buy NOD32 and hopefully never have another problem again ...right?

    Amazing how many files my machine keeps over the 2 years I've owned it. I'd like to format the entire mess and start from scratch and speed things up but its intimidating and I'm not all that up to the task. Think I'll just jump in and endure the pain anyway. Thanks again.