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    Help !

    I am getting an virus alert that has lodged itself in my system tray and pops up a link to a friggin anti virus software web site.

    I've ran all the regular spyware and malware program but I cant get the friggin thing !!!!

    All advise welcome
  2. If you have windows xp try system restore
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    Tried that but it didnt work either :confused:
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    just google it you will usually find removal advice pretty quickly. i usually start with google when removing viruses etc....lots of times AV programs just dont do a complete job and leave remnants.
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  6. Get hijack this (freeware). Run it and look for the bad process. Terminate it.

    If you don't know how to isolate the bad process, run a google search for the process name and hijack this.

    Also, can do ctrl-alt-del and kill from task mgr for a temp fix.
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    How do i search for the process name ?
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    Joab is the scumball web site it links too... :mad:
  9. One way to do it, as I mentioned before is to hit ctrl-alt-del. The task mgr will pop up and under the processes tab, you will see all processes currently running. Look for one that resembles the name of the anti virus software you were prompted to go to. If you don't see any, you have to try to recognize which process is foreign and unwanted. Generally, I sort by mem usage (on task manager bar). If there is a foreign process on top that hogs a lot, it gets killed (end process). But that doesn't permanantly eliminate it.

    The best way is to use hijack this. If you are unfamiliar with it, download a copy and run it. When it prints out a log file, look at the name of the processes.
    If there are any lines that seem odd or unusual, cut and paste the line into google, and there will likely be a logfile from some other user that had a problem, as well as how to fix it.

    There are all kinds of kind helpers out there on google, who will help decipher your hijack this log file if you don't know how to interpret it. Once you figure out which line contains your unwanted process, you can terminate it on hijack this.

    If it is worse than that, you will certainly find similar problems on google. Generally, the more industrial strength problems require specific applications like cwshredder. But, if you aren't seeing a multitude of windows popping up like a game of tempest (believe me I've fixed some other user's systems that had that), then you are probably in ok shape.

    Good Luck

    can download hijack this here:

    Here's an example of a user troubleshooting a hijack this logfile:
  10. Any updates on this ???
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