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  1. If you have Java Runtime on your system, attempting to view the above-named thread, causes a download of a .jar file that my McAfee Enterprise version virus detection software detects and disables as a Trojan threat.

    I have no idea what's up, but I suggest that no one view the "GAAP" thread thread, and that if you already have, that you run a complete scan of your system for any virus that may have found its way into your computer.
  2. had the exact same thing happen to me

  3. Choad


    I've been getting a few of these "java .jar" trojans lately too... :mad:

    Not sure from where tho. Haven't been to that thread I don't think.
  4. i too clicked that link. just did a free online panda activescan

    4 "viruses" were detected and removed. (i just did a scan several days ago and was clean at that time)

    all viruses were "ByteVerify".

    Panda says:

    "ByteVerify is a vulnerability, not a virus. The only way to know if your computer is vulnerable is to find out the installed versions of affected programs. ByteVerify is a vulnerability in the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM), which allows malicous code to run when a malicious Java Applet is loaded.

    further info"

    (i'm not sure where i may have picked them up but several days ago i was clean)
  5. ET has apparently deleted the thread, so no one else can accidently fall victim.