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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AllenW, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. AllenW


    Had some viruses yesterday(windows security popups) finally got Malware to run in Safe Mode and after 6 scans I think I removed all of them
    Now it seems something got removed that should not have been--I can't get IE to connect to internet, when I try to open anything with an .exe I am asked to pick a program to open it with(and nothing works)
    I can get somethings working by using Run as...
    I got email open and running
    I got Trade Navigatior running
    I can get Malwarebytes open but cannot update it
    All along I have been unable to do System Restore or get to TaskManager because of "Adminstrator" or "group policy" although I am the Administrator and could get into TaskManager in Safe mode.
    I thought I had a registry issue and found an update (exefile) and imported into Regedit with no change
    I am hoping someone has seen this before and can point me in a direction---TIA
  2. pspr


    Re-install windows over itself. It may ask if you want to repair windows. Say yes.

    Then keep your anti-virus updated daily and at a minimum use a router firewall and a software firewall. The free Windows Defender has worked for me as a firewall. I use CA anti-virus which has protected me so far.
  3. AllenW


    A complete XP re-install??

  4. You could try the "repair" first, just in case it works..... never has for me, so I don't bother with it any more.

    You could also run System File Checker before attempting a full reinstall of XP.

    If you don't have a backup HDD and a backup routine, your recent experience is why you should have them.
  5. afto


    You might want to check out these guys - go to forum > malware removal and log analysis.
    They've saved my skin on a number of occasions......
  6. AllenW


    Thank you---sounds like it is time to bring in a professional--"a man's got to know his limitations"
  7. 1. You can Google to see how to run System File Checker.

    2. Get a backup hard drive and something like Acronis True Image (V11, good for XP)... and you should have it covered.
  8. Visitors


    all this advice is bullshit

    Gnome go home old man. (oh wait you are home)

    Reinstalling windows over itself is a mistake and a very amateur one at that.

    Ever heard of root kits. You got them. Don't think you don't cause you do.

    Complete HD format after partition erasure and creation

    the only advice that is good on this thread is YES you do need to have backup HDs ready for use so that your trading doesn't skip a beat

    now why was I a sucker for virus problems and wasted my time :mad: