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Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Brandonf, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Is anyone aware of a virus product which is free and web based (ie it requires no download). If anyone is aware of one it would be much appriciated. Thanks,
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    Most web based require a small activeX control bit of software to download in the background after answering the question. It's a minor thing. I use this one when working on machines with virus and spyware obviously on them before installing an actual virus program

    for virus and on the same page one for the coolsearch browser hijacks. The virus scan one also has a java version but is much slower than the activeX one.

    and this one for web based spyware scans. It will sometimes catch what Adaware and spybot miss.

    Good luck

  3. Lorenzo


    Pay attention with the online scan....

    I just tried with trendmicro and when their system was scanning my computer, Norton Antivirus has founded and killed a virus named BOMBKA

    At the end of the scanning operation, Trendmicro has not found anything!


    a coincidence? attention
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    Stick to for free virus scan as already mentioned and ignore that norton garbage as norton suckks and causes more problems on computers than it's worth.
  6. I used Trend Micro's stuff last week, it caught 3 things the multitude of others programs I use did not. Hat's off to TM!:D
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