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  1. Yesterday I stupidly downloaded a program from another thread on ET. When I started my computer this am, Zone Alarm asked me if I would allow Remote Access for a .exe file. I realized that something was wrong and deleted the .exe file and tried to remove it from the registry.

    Since then i have been having numerous problems:

    1. When I start up the computer it automatically opens my system32 file. (a minor annoyance)

    2. I am unable to shut down Windows without turning the computer off.

    3. My Appian Desktop Manager doesn't always work and when it does it can be slow. eg. Using hot keys to move an apllication to different screens can take 2-3 minutes sometimes. **I tried reloading the Appian driver but there wasn't any change.

    I'm running NT4

    Can anyone help me get my computer back to the smooth trading machine it once was.
  2. There is only one way to guarantee that the virus is completely gone. Format your harddrive and reinstall your OS.

    Not pretty but your computer will run smoothly afterwards

    Robert Tharp
  3. Sanjuro


    Good Idea but make sure you backup everything
    important on your system before you format. Or
    you could just buy a new hard disk and format it
    with a Operating System and use the current one
    as a slave drive.
  4. Must be file "trader.exe" that you downloaded from a location. A have it on my desktop and just looked at it´s "properties" (windows context menu, right mouse click). It claims to be a "MMB Runtime" from They actually have a tool called "Multimedia Builder (MMB)". I asked this company to have a look at the file. Maybe I will get a reply within next 48 hrs.
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    run a virus scan. a few good free ones out there.

    then run scan disk utility (complete, deep scan with fix errors box checked).

    next, shutdown and reboot.

    now run defrag to get rid of free fragments.

    after defrag finished, reboot.

    if not running up to par yet, replace registry settings with those from the previous day and day before you downloaded the junk.

    i'd try all this before reformatting harddrive.
  6. I'm no computer geek...but you said you DOWNLOADED the .exe file...then you said you removed it from your registry.

    You shouldn't have a virus unless you OPEN (run) that .exe file or installed it.

    What I'm saying is that you shouldn't had to have messed with your registry unless something got installed.

    I'm sure somebody will correct me about the world of virus.

    Also, I'm sure you know already or realized by now...

    1) Get a good Anti-Virus program and use it religiously when downloading (installing) and opening up email attachments from anonymous posters or senders.

    Out of curiousity...if you truly have a virus...

    why are YOU NOT mentioning where you downloaded this program from (which thread) so that EVERYBODY can be warned and have the moderators remove that post or thread?

    Maybe you already have done such and your simply now just trying to get help to fix your problem.

    Also, I would recommend taking your computer to the nearest tech repair shop and spend $100 bucks for them to fix your problem.

    Depending how important the info is on your system...$100 is well spent.

    I have two for my critical trading operations and another for my internet browsing, downloading games stuff, downloading files and ICQ and mIRC realtime chat.

    This setup eases my mind that I can still trade if I mess up and downloaded something I shouldn't have downloaded on my other computer.

    Good Luck

    Nihaba Ashi
  7. You need to find out what kind of virus you have .
    You may have to edit your registry file to get all of the virus out. I Had something like that once , The virus was hidden in a file , Norton did not pick it up . I had to clean the virus first via Norton , then I had to clean my registry . I found out about it when my Zone Alarm went off after i tried to install the program . Sounds like you got one of those virus that lets another person take control of your PC.

    Look for this in your registry , if you have it you need to delete it.

    Cyberium Technologies


    BioNet 3
  8. GeeT069

    How do i restore the registry setting from previous days.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice so far. I don't want to do anything drastic yet as there doesn't seem to be any problems other than the ones I've listed, so far.
  9. I use DriveImage. I partition the hard drive. I install the o/s on the primary drive, add all the software I use and when I get it the way I want it I copy the image to the second partition. Now, if anything happens I pop a floppy in and restore it to the original. I know thats no help to you now but the next time you have to reinstall you might consider this option. Will save a lot of headaches in the future.

    It will also back up data periodically automatically if you set it to do so.
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    Sorry, it was the first that popped into my head.

    About 3 months ago my girlfriend picked up the NIMDA virus that was going around. Lucky for me that was all, but I used the Norton AntiVirus to Diagnose it and was pretty much able to quarantine it and clean her whole system with the Utilities program that they offer. It really walks you through step by step, I am no computer genius.

    Their website has an expansive definition of viruses out there and at the time I they allowed you to download all the products on a 30 day trial basis for free. There was a little guesswork on my part in that this thing had attached itself to every file. All in all though it only took me about 3 hours to clean her system and she has not had any problems (known) since.

    Best of luck
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