Virus Killed My Harddrive-reformatted 3x+still Bad.

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by dsq, Dec 23, 2008.

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    my pc was hit by a virus and my ebay acct was hacked and my computer would shut down on me...i reformatted the hd 3x and still the pc would just shut down after a few minutes.I could hasten this by just trying to log on the internet.
    Do i have to buy a new HD?Would this be a waste of money?Could this virus attack have infected other components?
  2. download Avast! and run pre-boot scan.

    once the virus is removed, go to boot menu and password protect.

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    How do you run a pre-boot scan with a vista machine?
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    viruses dont ruin hdd's or cause physical damage. if your computer just shuts off, it is probably another issue, overheating, bad ram, etc
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    its an xp unit...
  6. It's a good idea to have an extra hard drive in any event. You can use Acronis to make a clone.

    I think a virus can infect the MBR, so reformatting yours if your MBR is infected might not clear the problem.

    If you get a 2nd hard drive, format and install WinXP. After you've got it all loaded, run a Low Level Format utility on your present hard drive. That should erase the MBR. If that doesn't clear the problem, then as earlier poster said... likely some other issue.

    You can run MemTest to check the RAM... but it could be heat issues.
  7. oh yes they do

    'new' type of virus.

    It happened to me.I took it to a shop cost me $170.

    good as new now
  8. Really? The virus caused physical damage to the HDD platter, and the shop "fixed" it? Sounds fishy to me... or did they sell you a new HDD?
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    if a virus can cause physical damage, i'd like to see it, and infect my own computer with it, just to see how it works.
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    damn you got had
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