Virus alert and Last Known Good

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by JohnnyK, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. I just got hit with a virus that disabled my computer and would have completely destroyed me were it not for the ability to go to Last Known Good registry configuration. Follow the same path during reboot (F8) that you would normally use to get to Safe Mode. Last Known Good is an option in that menu.

    I run Windows XP. Thanks Bill!
  2. That'll teach ya' not to surf those porn sites! :D :D :D

    Thanks for the heads up though just the same.

    - Spydertrader
  3. Ha ha!


    I get AVG from Grisoft and scan and find four infected objects. Two of em say "Trojan Horse" next to them. I tryed to heal them by they won't heal. Stupid me, I go to the file and try to right click (so I can delete) and BAM! I get hit again! Had to go to Last Known Good again!

    This is getting creepy.

  4. Mayday, mayday.

    Last Known Good is no good. This Trogan Horse is toying with me. It lets me operate sometimes, sometimes not. Must reinstall Windows. It controls my virus software, my desktop, harddrive, keyboard. System restore to three days ago does not work. Safe mode works to transfer files off to external hard drive. Have reason to believe it was attatched to $10 business card software i bought at office store and installed few days ago. All shortcuts call up that software. This added to window title = NONAME01

    Word to the wise.

  5. Problem solved.

    It was the business card software i had installed four days earlier. disk was even still in drive, so probably auto running. system restore to before installation removed program and fixed problem. virus software can't find trojans.

    Since this is new to me and rare, thought I would pass info along.

  6. What's the name of that business card software, so we can avoid it? Very rare to have shrink-wrapped software come with viruses. Heard of one case in the 90's where the CD duplication/packaging company had a virus on their mastering equipment.
  7. JohnnyK, I used to use AVG until I couldn't get rid of one virus that prevented AVG doing a scan; uninstalling AVG solved the problem.
    You might consider changing to the free 'AntiVir PE Classic':

    The obvious rule is to antivirus scan any program/disk loaded onto one's computer prior to the install process.

    Also the reminder that one antiV program won't prevent/rid all the various viruses/trojans etc; lots of free stuff/info at: