Virtually certain that no one can do better than me

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  1. with IQ of 135

    I have studied the fractal nature of markets all my adult life, so about 7 years now, I ran hundreds of tests, complex and simple, I pulled ideas of of dark places sun never shines on :)

    lets not mince words, I AM AN EXPERT

    I can do 75% accuracy consistently, which equals to very favorable RR, and pretty radical scaling ability

    there is NO way IN HELL, anyone can do better

    if there was better, I WOULD HAVE IT period.

    end of freakin discussion :eek:

    and good day to you sir(s)
  2. aren't you the smart ass who bought oil @50?

  3. actually it was 57 not 50 stop loss at 29

    look I'll be honest, first trade in my life based on fundamentals, not technicals

    let this be a lesson to us all

    that's the thing about being truly smart, you see the mistakes and you DON't lie to yourself
  4. the good thing about your high IQ is that you admit you mistakes (because you know you will be caught in a lie otherwise)
  5. what can I say, a regular Madoff :D
  6. you are right! the dude confessed. he let the scam go for as long as he could and then confessed (probably days before his scheme would have been uncovered anyway).

    i wonder what was madoff's IQ
  7. that is a fair question but you are directing discussion to Madoff instead of my greatness

    please correct yourself

    (you must be thinking, is this nutcase serious)

    well we shall never know
  8. sorry, i lost my track. you are the greatest.

    even though you botched that oil trade. :)
  9. so anyway what did you think about spirituality PM I sent you
  10. okay captain srebenica
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