Virtual trading room for Options Sellers ?

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    I’ve been selling options and trading fincls futures (ZB, ZN and ZF) successfully for more than 13 years and decided to only sell options on commodities 2 years ago.
    Iwas getting too athletic for me and very time consuming ! I’m averaging 10% / month selling mid-term way out of the money. My strategy is to keep it simple ! I get all the fundamentals on the market that I trade and use my technical skills to enhance my entries to maximize premiums. I trade naked PUTS / CALLS, Strangles, Bear Call / Bull Put spreads ,,, That’s it !!!! not complicated. No Inverse Skip Strike Butterfly Call that put more money into brokers account as commission …

    Since this my style of trading is pretty boring, waiting for options to expire worthless each month, I was wondering if there’s a “virtual trading room” somewhere for options sellers ?


  2. I follow a similar strategy for stock options:

    Bull put spreads, bear call spreads and the occasional iron condor and inverse iron condor.

    I have looked several times and have been unable to find a virtual trading room. I expect the likelyhood of a virtual trading room for commodities is even less than for stocks.
  3. 10% per month for 13 years.
    Let’s assume some very conservatives numbers. Start with $50k, only compound yearly, and pay 23% in taxes.
    After 13 years your $50k is $247,534,584.01.
    Where do I send the check to sign up?
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    He said he started selling 2 years ago though :D
  5. As you say it is slow so maybe a thread will suffice?
  6. I am interested in any private group on selling futures options.

    I have been selling futures options along the lines of Cordier of / liberty trading for a couple of years and it has so profitable that I am still puzzled because by all accounts it should not be that profitable. I am not a client of Liberty Trading - I am doing it on my own.

    I am using Interactive Brokers but am looking for a second broker with favorable margins and am interested in hearing broker suggestions here or via mail.
  7. oh god, here we go again.
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    I like the idea of creating a thread to post my trades. I'll also use my twitter account as well.

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    Before one decides to follow these people, they should read some of the many threads where people have paid the price for underestimating the real risks of selling premium and just how difficult it will be to exit your position when it goes against you.
  10. What is a virtual trading room?
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