Virtual Hypnotist v 5.8 released

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Wallace, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. it's free

    " The main new features are a session wizard (should hopefully make
    setting up new sessions much easier for those unfamiliar with the
    advanced config) and a bunch of incredible Color Tunnel presets.
    Get it here:
    Changelog: Version 5.8 -
    -fixed some phrasing in the users guide
    -added ColorTunnel preset buttons to the Visual Maker
    -new session wizard
    -reworked main screen for wizard
    -moved info on Hypnotizer 2000 from the main screen to the about screen
    -made global version string
    -URL loader now checks if URLs start with "http://", and fails otherwise,
    since app only supports web downloading
    -added a session load button on the main screen
    -added 9.mp3 and hypnoloop.mp3 files
    Enjoy :) Ryan "
  2. Thanks for posting. I take it you have used it. Any feedback? I have used Neuroprogrammer 2, it's not free though.
  3. So, do you guys use this to program yourselfs into cutting losers fast and letting winners run or somethin?
  4. Yes generally hypnosis is used to improve your life. More confidence, etc.

    NP2 is neat in that it plays Iso Tones and does affirmations at the same time, if you choose. Alpha, Theta, and Delta tones help you relax, Beta to focus. They have a 2 week trial.

    I plan on checking out VH, looks pretty cool.

    Whatever helps to get you in the right mind frame to trade well right?