Virtual hook-up on weekends: Yahoo Messenger ID directory

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by candletrader, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Please use this thread to leave your Yahoo Messenger ID...

    Mine is candletrader2003
  2. ctrader


    Mine is ctrader_ca

  3. just21


    Why don't you use the ET chat room?
  4. No privacy, no voice chat to relieve tired fingers, no file sharing, no ability to set up conferences to exclude trouble makers...
  5. ctrader


  6. trader59


    Is AOL Instant Messanger ok to use too?
  7. This thread is really just meant for those who use Yahoo Messenger... but feel free to set up a thread for AOL'ers...
  8. fishsauce29
  9. nitro


    No Privacy = true
    No voice chat = true (thank God)
    No file sharing = true (thank God)
    No conference to exclude others = FALSE. Set up a private room and password protect it.

  10. thebear_888
    #10     Sep 8, 2003