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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lwlee, May 29, 2006.

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    I'm always running out of space. Up to 3 19" LCDs now but still could use more screen real estate. I've been researching virtual desktops for XP.

    Anyone got a favorite?
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    Well, I found PowerToys has a virtual desktop tool.


    Not sure if it's the best one available but it couldn't be too bad since it's from Microsoft.
  3. I've been using goScreen for ages - it does what it is intended to do & is reliable. I haven't used others so can't compare.
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    I saw goScreen on Will give it a try.

    It should be able to work well with QuoteTracker. Too bad QT doesn't handle sets of charts better.
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    Thanks. I'm one step ahead. I have ATI and it has something called Hydravision. Downloading it now...
  8. Hydravision easy to use & a great program to have on your PC . You can have a 36screen (lay-out) off 4 screen's..