Virginia Tech Massacre Handled BADLY, by police

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    This is just another case, of many, the police, handle real bad.

    If they would have had the sirens going on the police cars, and a few helicopters flying overhead, maybe the 2nd shooting could have been prevented.

    Or for sure, at least, more of the students, would have known to take precautions. With the sirens going, and some helicopters overhead, students would know there was possible danger, and probably would have been more careful.

    I realize this may have not stopped the second shootings, but it would not have hurt any, to let people know, that there is trouble.

    I have seen this so many times in life, where police, by using common sense measures, could have done a much better job.

    This just goes to show, we cannot expect the police or government to protect us. Everyone has to look out for themselves. Not that this should be a startling revelation, but I say this, that we need to be armed, just in case, we are ever caught in such bad situation.

    Our right to bear arms, must be maintained. As we all know, the bad people will get the guns, no matter what. Laws or no laws, legal or not.
  2. The school will get sued for negligence big time. What kind of morons will send warning by email when the event is already happening? They may as well send it by snail mail.

  3. What have you learned from Katrina?
  4. Another day, another shooting in the US of A (*yawn*)
  5. Honestly...what do YOU think would have been a better way to handle this?

    But first let me ask you this, a month or so ago, there were 2 people shot at U of Wash...did they evacuate the entire campus?

    And in the case of VTech, the boyfriend/exboyfriend of the girl who was shot was seen leaving the dorms around the time of the it's was a pretty high likelihood that it WAS him. Random shootings are NOT THAT COMMON. So it was entirely plausible that this was absolutely a domestic issue and the cops were busy looking for the boyfriend/exboyfriend and they DID find him and had pulled him over when they found out about the other shootings.

    Obviously no one in the residence hall saw or suspected it was this Cho guy so what should the cops do? Assume it's a random shooting, evacuate the entire campus, and the only real way to have done that would have been to use bullhorns...and then they'd unknowingly have warned the killer and who knows how many more people he could of killed if there was a big ass group of people standing outside? I mean honestly now... And perhaps next they should have blocked all roads in to the campus while allowing all the people ON campus to evacuate?

    I'm not a fan of police in general as I feel there are too many bad apples who abuse their power and take advantage of people, but I have YET to hear ONE person make a compelling argument as to how this could have been handled better and in fact, I believe it most certainly could have been a lot worse.

    I get that people want to find someone to blame because the only real person to blame is burning in the depths of hell right now, so if you want to blame someone, blame his parents for allowing their son to go his entire 23 year life and not taking greater action, blame the lack of information that is shared between, medical, criminal etc.... That's where the failure was. But also remember that there are plenty of other people who probably have a similar history but they don't end up committing this kind of act, and that's likely because somewhere in the long road of that person's journey, something in the system IS working, be it the parents, criminal or mental community.

    And don't blame gun laws or video games either because if someone is willing to MURDER someone, then stealing a gun is probably an inconvenience for them if anything. I mean really, do you think some crazed lunatic out there, who mind you, has been able to fool enough people for enough years, is going to walk into a gun store, be denied a gun and then say, " much for that idea, I guess I'll just go get some ice cream"...? Do you REALLY think that would happen?

    And just a little side note here, for the record, had it not been for the rappers, rapping about Glocks I would probably have no idea what one was, so should we blame them? I'd blame them long before I'd blame the people selling guns or the politicians who debate laws on them. But again, the only REAL person to blame 100% for is Cho Seung-Hui. Period. End.
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    Yes, I honestly think it could have been handled better.

    Like I said, using sirens & helicopters, would have helped alert, most of those in the area. Most any criminal, especially killers, know that the cops will be on the way, once shots have been fired.

    With all those people in that area, hearing shots fired, dont you think someone is going to call the police?

    I would rather alert the whole area, even if the killer can see or hear it. He probably knows they on the way, once the shots have been fired, anyway.

    Wouldnt you want to know, if there was a shooting, and you were in the area? I certainly would. I would think my chances of surviving would be much better, than not knowing. I dont believe there are many people who wouldnt want to know.