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  1. I recently was referred to a retail futures broker called Viper Trading ( . I was intrigued by their free e-mini real time trading systems and their very attractive commission schedule. I also enjoyed their Educational Center on their site as I have only been trading futures for 1 1/2 years and believe there is always room to learn more!

    I called and spoke with one of their representatives and they seemed quite knowledgable and helpful. He really went out of his way to answer all of my questions and seemed quite pleasant!

    The person that referred me was from another chatroom - apparently a client of Viper Trading for the last year. They were very pleased with their service and the stability of their online trading platform.

    Before I set up a trading account with them, does anyone here have any personal experiences with Viper Trading? Have a account with now or in the past?

    Good AND bad reviews are all welcome!

    They seem like the right home for my business but I just want to make sure before I send in the paperwork!

    Thank you!!!
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    It costs $15 per round trip according to their fee schedule. Even the biggest volume discount only gets you $7.75 RT.

    Run away, this one's a dud.
  3. Well since I'm contemplating opening an account now, they gave me a base rate of $12 RT and since I was considering opening a few managed accounts through them, they dropped me down to $9 RT "all-in".

    So I don't have to pay any additional fees including a patsystems software fee (J-Trader) that everyone else seems to charge anywhere from 50 cents to $1 rt p. contract so I don't think it's that high.

    I believe with my trade volume + the 2 other accounts - I will be trading at $7.75 RT by simply doing 400 RTS a month.

    I guess I'm the type that would rather pay $2-3 more a round turn knowing that their platform is stable, they give me access to real-time trading systems that have been doing quite well for the last 3 weeks while I watched them + accountable, reliable service.

    I believe that's far from a "dud" as you call it?

    Again - I am looking for replies from existing or former Viper Trading clients.
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    Since your website looks like it was done by a two-year old, I'm going to assume your company is pretty much a two-man shop. So that would make you most likely the president, or cofounder.

    As for "replies from existing or former Viper Trading clients", we both know that your company doesn't have any clients, otherwise you wouldn't be trolling around on these boards.

    Better luck next time.
  5. E-minitrader2003:

    I suggest you change your name to E-minitrader1998 because with those fees you are living in the past...
  6. You shouldn't pay anymore than 4.30 RT for e-mini's. That's with an electronic platform thrown in.

    Call Refco or Man, tell'um Dr.Zhivodka sent ya.
  7. No, unfortunately just a semi-retired engineer in search of any honest feedback - if any.

    The guy that referred me to begin with to Viper Trading referred me to this site as well to get some feedback.

    I have no idea how many clients they have nor employees - I guess I didn't think to ask that?!? - makes sense - guess I just thought comfortable since I was referred by someone.

    Thank you for giving me the idea to ask them those questions!

    I do know that they have at least 3 people working there since different people have answered the phone when I called them last week.

    How many brokers does a typical futures brokerage firm have as good rule of thumb so I know how to compare them?
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    Just out of curiosity - since you mentioned you've been trading futures for 1.5 years - who's your broker now? What's their commission schedule?

  9. Viper Trading LLC is introducing broker for Vision LP ( ) They have other introducing brokers ( see also ) In general you should always do a background check with respect to the firm (FCM) that you send your money to, in this case it´s Vision LP.