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  2. My moles have just listened to the webinar for Viper's auto-trading system and report these guys should be arrested for peddling such unadulterated BS.

    Another losing, burnt-out trader who's peddling the Holy Grail to pay his rent.
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    I think these guys must show all the chart results concerning a day not only the time frame where the target are hitted .

    It is very easy to show only the sugar side of the charting ....

    If the targets are reached why not showing all the day long...?

    Some ideas could be taken into consideration but carefully .

    I repeat if the game is correct why not ?

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    Hi Friends,

    after giving a look to the trial of EminiAutoESBeta Viper's strategy and getting familiar with it, herewith I post the result for today September 4th,2009. Please consider that the three positions to open at every trade are: 3 contracts for position 1 - 2 contract for pos. 2 and 1 contract for pos. 3

    You'll find also the strategy settings in one of the attached images .

    Please consider this results obtained in SIM mode on NINJA TRADER platform, one of the best available on the world market.

    To be extremely clear I am a trader without any particular connection with the People of Viper, I just lease from one month the Viper's indicator Tool

    So no special friendship o whatever reason to talk in their favour, I am just showing the today trading activity on the ES in a Job Claim day and after that a little trendy atmosphere .

    Happy to hear from You ALL ideas, suggestions, all constructive comment, please ..

    Best regards
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  8. Is your simulator programmed to fill if touched?
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