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  1. They are oriented to CL, GC, RTY and ES. Their service runs on a NinjaTrader platform with a ton of unique indicators....mostly bands of moving averages.
    Anyone here been using their service ? They put out a ton of YouTube content to explain their approach.
    I am just trying to get a read on the popularity (or not) of their $400/month service.
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    $4800 per year?

    Free your mind and learn it yourself on sim.

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    There are enough Free Webinars, if you can't learn there method from that, then paying isn't going to help, watch and save your cash.

    Not Far off my logic from the few bits I've skipped through, too subjective to easily be learned looks great in back test tricky live, so errrmmmm not sure!!
  4. Thanks Turveyd, but have you decided to work on your grammar a bit ? I could hardly make-out your post.
  5. If I had the exact NJ code, I would. All of the indicators are unique and proprietary.
    That was by design. Now what ?
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    Understand that you do not need them all.

    I bought an indicator package some 5 years ago, that came with a bunch of mentoring. You know how many of those 40 custom indicators I use now? Like 1. I leave the rest on the chart because it is eye candy, but I now just see through them, because they mean NOTHING.

    They were painstakingly developed during the Obama era, when markets kinda' didn't move much. Now?

    They are all USELESS!

    Fuck indicators. Fuck the king! Develop your own system. :)
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    Nope no need if you where clever you’d understand me, work on being cleverer!
  8. Agreed. I'm not going to get well written reviews on these day trading services anyway.....they seem not to be published.
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  10. Thanks for that. I am trying obtain a current list of sites that have Emini trading rooms.
    It's been nearly impossible to cull.
    I received so many old indication that their service was no longer operational.
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