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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by ZBEAR, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. ZBEAR



    Anyone know what happened to Bill Shepard of Viper Speed Trader ?

    Saw him in San Diego in June of 2007 - then he just seemed to disappear.
    Nobody seems to know anything.
    Nice guy - hope nothing bad happened to him.


  2. I have been wondering the same thing..heard nothing of him in many months now. No one is replying to emails sent to email address too?

    I hope Bill is doing ok..I know he did have some health issues in the past. BTW, he was a last minute no show at the Vegas trade expo in November just several months ago...hmmm.
  3. I last spoke to him in Aug 07' via e-mail. He is working with someone on another project so perhaps he has been busy with that.

    I hope he is doing well.
  4. What email address did you use..I was trying to get a hold of him and I have not had response from the ViperSpeedTrader site address?

    You can send me a pm..thanks.
  5. ZBEAR


    Thanks for the replys,

    Yeah - he still has the website up - makes you wonder.

    I used to talk with him on Skype too....but he's not there any longer either.

    Ya just gotta love a good MYSTERY eh ?


  6. honvl


    Bill is still not responding to e-mails, but I really want to try out the indicator. Do you think it would be too risky to attempt to order the indicators from his website?
  7. Bill is fine
    I just emailed him a few days ago and he responded right away.
    I think it is because I does not like marketing and just likes to trade.

    anyway, dont worry about Bill
  8. Spikoloco


    I have been trying to reach Bill to all of his email addresses without any sucess....any can help? thanks
  9. wenzi


    Bill is fine. Just catch him on Skype.
  10. Spikoloco


    When was the last time you saw him on skype? do you have skype? thx
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