Violent Chaos Breaks Out In Hong Kong

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  2. Indeed...

    Technology firms and developers were among the biggest decliners on the Hang Seng Index. Hang Lung Properties Ltd. fell 5.5% and AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. dropped 4.2%. A Bloomberg gauge of Macau casino stocks slid 3.8%, taking its nine-day loss to 18%.

    Word on the street is that HSBC is gonna get it hard... They have too much leverage in HK Real Estate, and to make it worst like Bass pointed out, out of the 850 % of loan to GDP in HK banking system, 280 % is directly linked to china RE. If Assets drops 5 %, technically whole system is insolvent, at 10 % or more is mind boggling what will happen.

    Banking crisis meets a political crisis... Hopefully Democracy wins vs communism but it's not looking good, if china gives HK democracy, they might as well give up the whole thing. It will never happen, push come to shove Martial Law and Curfews will be enacted soon, people protesting at night will be arrested and massive capital flight ensues. Capital Flight already happening at a fast pace as you can see with the Bloomberg article
  3. China can never lead the world. They can't even run Hong Kong.
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    I’ve had two clients from HK email to tell me this shit is real and it’s just getting more intense as Beijing issues more and more thug life statements.

    Xi and the Communist Party apparatchiks are so intent on warring with Trump that their domestic houses are burning. And Tiananmen 2.0 will destroy China’s export markets with the West.
  6. They're playing with fire over there. Stop this madness before Someone dies.
  7. This explains the chaos... You can only push people down for so long, at one point poverty makes people snap. Don't worry tho, there's 0 inflation in Hong Kong as well according to government data

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