Vintage Chris Mathews

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ak15, Sep 18, 2008.

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  2. amazing how the average ET right-turd keeps on supporting the demon party.

    who is this faggot from virginia? he talks a mile a minute and NOTHING substantial was said. What a fucking snake. Typical member of the demon-party.
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    Congressman Eric Cantor. He loves to change subjects when he can't provide a direct answer to a direct question.
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    He's a 100% Bushie, even assumed office the same year as Bush, so he's as responsible as anyone else in Congress for the mess we're in. Of course the douchebag will never own up to it: if he had any morals, he wouldn't be a neocon sack of shit.
  5. "So it's every man for himself in your (Republican) party?"

    ROFL, beautiful :D
  6. "Okay, now that our party has spilled the milk all over the floor (and the walls and the ceiling), let's not play the blame game."
  7. Cantor is a real cunt. First class.
  8. Yeah, Matthews is a "beautiful" example of an unbiased, objective "journalist."

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    Let's have Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and before it slips my mind - Pat Buchanan on board as beacons of 'unbiased, objective' journalism. LOL. No, as a matter of fact anybody that espouses the Kappa Kappa KLan will suffice 'beautifully' from your perspective. As an afterthought let's get rid of MSNBC altogether.:D
  10. Hello, I never claimed Hannity, O'Reilly, and Buchanan to be unbiased. They definitely have more common sense than Matthews, an obviously weak man who gets shivers up and down his legs when he hears Obama's rhetoric.

    Even the suits at MSNBC finally got the message that Matthews and the seldom-watched Olbermann are so far to the left that they are no longer able to at least pretend to be objective and thus had their responsibilities decreased.
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