Vinnie that trades the emini..

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  1. MY corner of the World nothing more than that.
  2. My thoughts, obsessions, psychopathy. Nothing more, nothing less.

    My outlet. Don't read this!
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  3. Vinnie from the Bronx is my alter ego. I'm Vinnie from here on out.
  4. Buy that man a coffee.

    Sim trading I believed watching him a couple of years ago. Easy to be a good trader like that. Dunno, I ran the numbers and the cups of coffee and whatnot did not seem worth the effort unless they were a major part of his income?

    Still, he was interesting to watch for a few days.
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  5. Don't take my trades. Don't piss on my parade.
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  7. Vinnie is buying ES here, 2877.75
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  8. Vinnie is frustrated beyond belief, and Vinnie is taking control of his his life...right NOW.
  9. vinnie covered here
  10. vinnie sold 2883
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