Vince Ferrell calls another bottom

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Aaron Copland, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. He said the bottom he called in July was not for real and he want's a do over.

    And Kudlow still brings him on his show, but never brings up that false bottom he called.
  2. no one can call tops and bottoms consistently. people who want to profit off of doing so constantly call them, and then repeatedly mention the one time they were right. same thing with trading contest winners. You only hear about the one time 500% gain, not the 10 accounts blown up!
  3. Cnbc has killed more Americans than Al-Queda.
  4. That fuckin guy is always calling bottoms. The minute he capitulates I am long.
  5. greddy


    Nicole whats her face on Fox News Channel was saying
    today that this could be a washout type day.

    These a#$%X$ needs to be held accountable for what
    they are saying. They are guiding the sheep off the
    cliff with their meaningless comfort.

    Deleveraging is raging, and things are not looking good
    at all.

    What would be really scary is if foreign investors start
    to shy away from investing in US treasuries.

    Hell, at this pace, someone can pick up GM and Ford combo
    for free.