Vince Farrell - "Market down tomorrow"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeepFried, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Vince Farrell on CNBC - "The market sells off tomorrow no matter what the Fed does."

    I remember a bunch of "experts" saying the same thing in September just before the Fed cut. The S&P500 went up 11% in the next month and a half. Longer term, of course, they could be right but I doubt it'll work out that way short term.
  2. empee


    damn i was hoping for a pullback 2 get long
  3. typical ET'er.

    Market rallies "damn I want a pullback to load up".

    Day later market sells off "screw this it might crash".
  4. I was hoping for a huge rally to short.
  5. Give us a specific price level you guys will buy at or short at.
  6. Would short at 1420 to 50 area, thats why I said huge rally. Worry area would be 1475.
  7. I'll go with a touch of 1385 tomorrow and then reverse. A quick and ugly one and then another rally. I'd have to look a bit closer to see what support might be.
  8. Yes.

    A 61.8% ratio of the first move up from the 1270 SPX level will argue for 1384.

    21 day MA coming thru above that at 1389.00

  9. Kaaaa-CHING!!!


    (1385.80 SPX intra-day high)