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  1. I was wondering what you thought of the IMF. Do you think it is a useful well functioning body or do you think it is directionless and self serving.

    There are some arguments to what it actually is and whether it is set up for altruistic reasons or profit.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are. I thought it was a topical discussion.
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    Do you have a link to this article on more a reputable Web-site? Or maybe in a newspaper or magazine publication?

    I would hesitate to say this article is written by Jim Rogers where an anonymous poster attributes it not even to Jim Rogers but to
  3. They do an amazing job enslaving nations under debt fueled by digital or printed paper money.

    They then must sell whatever little resources they possess at very cheap prices.

    Mercantilism never vanished. It was simply transformed into a better system to ensure control and wealth accumulation.
  4. It's Rogers alright, I don't understand why one would doubt it.

    The site was or is Rogers's own.
  5. US has 16% vote and veto power over any significant legislation by the IMF. Therefore US controls the IMF.

    IMF was pushing hard beginning in February to use its SDR's as an alternative reserve currency to the dollar.

    US doesn't like anyone fucking with the almighty dollar.
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    Found clear attribution to Jim Rogers on the front page of ALso the domain name is owned by teh smae entity as So, after a little research this looks legit to me.

    On the subject of IMF, a couple of stories:
    IMF, the Real Dictator in Tunisia
    Obama Administration Assures World Bank and International Monetary Fund a Free Reign of Abuse
    IMF and World Bank Contributed to Economic Tensions in the Balkans