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  1. Hi, what is in your opinion the best software/website to view multiple charts at a glance?

    Let's say for example that I have a list of 100 stocks and I want to see 100 daily charts without having to manually enter every symbol, so that I can check them for swing trading setups. A couple of years ago I used ChartSurfer, which is web-based and did the job well. But I guess there is something more advanced now. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to express what I look for in a chart with indicators so I cannot use scanners and filters.
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    Quotes-Plus is a good stock database, eod, with fundamentals. Software included to write your own scans. Amibroker works well together with the database, reads the data directly. Together they are a good combination.
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    You mean something like this?
  4. Yeah, that looks good actually, but I need the charts to be six times bigger than that. After I scan them visually, I can then simply watch the last price and change.
  5. Why not use Quotetracker and just simply set price ALERTS in the Watch List.
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    You can make the screens larger and create multiple workspaces, maybe 8 screens per workspace and then you can simply tab through them. See the tab labelled "watch"? that is one workspace so you can have multiple of those.

    if your list is fixed from day to day then you dont have to reenter the symbols; it gets saved with the workspaces.

    hope this helps.
  7. This is cool for a constant watch list, but I really need to be able to plug a hundred or so symbols and then see the respective charts. I am beginning to think that only a web-based application can do this and there may be no alternative to Prophet charts.
  8. You can do this with virtually any TA software.

    Ensign, Esignal, Tradestation, etc.

    Even the free ones will let you view multiple charts, but I'm not sure 100 symbols at a time.
  9. I don't think I can just paste 100 symbols somewhere in ESignal and get 100 charts, can I ?
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