View of SF Bay

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  1. Sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the view!

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    beautiful....i went thru san fran once on my way to far the best national park in the USA...and ive been to most...
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    Lived for a while up on Euclid. At the top before Tilden. Almost the same view. We would drag the mattress out on the deck and night and go to sleep to the twinkles of the city lights 'twas awesome.

  4. The view from this webcam comes from the Lawrence Hall of Science, which is associated with the Lawrence Livermore Lab. In fact, the old Cyclotron building is located just on the other side of the grassy knoll shown in the left-foreground. The atomic elements: Californium and Berklium were discovered there back in 1950 and 1962 at the 60" cyclotron.

    The University of California is located just below.
    The view from Memorial Stadium isn't too shabby either. Just too bad that a major Earthquake fault runs through it! ( Hayward Fault ).

    In any event, the parking lot is huge at Lawrence Hall of Science, and you can walk down a little trail on the north side of the lot, and sit amongst some Eucalyptus Trees, checking out the view.
    There are a few homes located right there, and their view is absolutely spectacular! Totally unobstructed.

    Indian Summers in September and October provide the best night-time viewing experience.


  5. One can see my house in among those houses at the bottom of the picture. I was enjoying that view, up near the botanical gardens, a few days ago. One of the best views in the bay area because on can see both marin and sf, yes the entire bay area. Which is why the berkeley hills is such expensive realty.
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    does that say 21% humidity?? damn we are already at 54% and climbing
  7. Don't miss it!

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