View ET without your ignore list

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by maxpi, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. maxpi


    Wow, I dl'd Prism from Adobe and I can pull up ET and bypass my ignore list, boring know nothings, trolls, Jew haters, they are all back.....
  2. that's your own reflection you see in the Prism
  3. One of biggest no-nothing idiots on ET :p
  4. maxpi


    Well technically speaking, prism's don't do reflections, they do spectrums.... that's the spectrum of my ignore list...

    Your post leads me to the question: "would I have myself on ignore if I weren't myself"... hell no, I'm not THAT boring, I'll inform as long as I'm not handing over my core knowledge and I don't hate Jews, well there is this commercial landlord in town that screwed up business for half my friends... but hey, that's not Jew(s), that's just Jew, singular, and do I hate him as in he better not jaywalk.... [loooong pause, more time spent in reflection........] no!! Jaywalk away at will oh disgustingly bad landlord Jew, maybe a drunk will get you coming out of the liquor store but it won't be this drunk, nosirreee....