Vietnam Veterans Against McCain: Charges of Treason Made By Fellow U.S. Veterans

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  1. I had no idea this group existed or basically view John McCain as treasonous.

    We heard all about the allegations about Kerry from the 'Swift Boat Veterans For Truth' in the last election, and yet the media has not given any coverage to this group - and they have actual proof of McCain blocking issues important to POWs and other Vietnam Vets.

    I wonder why all the media outlets have shut out these fellow soldiers of McCain?

    WHY IS McCain Lying?

    Presidential candidate John McCain denied that the Soviets interrogated U.S. POWs in Vietnam. But, former U.S., Soviet, and Vietnamese intelligence agents say they did.

    A revealing snapshot of "the real" Sen. John McCain and his ongoing love affair with leaders of communist Vietnam as contrasted to his rude, hateful treatment of families of men still missing as a result of the Vietnam War!

    U.S. documents proving POW McCain seriously "collaborated" was obtained in 1991 by the US Veteran Dispatch through the Freedom of Information Act - these transcripts are 5 of the approximately 20 interviews McCain gave the communist.

    McCain and the POW Cover-up! The "war hero" candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam:
    By Sydney H. Schanberg
    September 18, 2008
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    VETTING John McCain: New book exposes the dark and evil side of presidential candidate John McCain
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  2. I am not a fan of McCain, but you are a TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT.
  3. I am not making the accusations, jackass.

    I'm asking why the media isn't covering this in the same way they covered the 'Swift Boat Veterans' the last elections cycle.

    Do you know if these guys are making serious or true allegations? If not, STFU.
  4. Interestingly, this group has ties to 'Republican Tea Party.'

    And the names of the veterans making these claims are all publicly listed.


    Like the 1773 Boston Tea Party, the Republican Tea Party is a direct act of defiance against an unresponsive authority. The Republican Party of today
    is a left leaning establishment which has lost touch with its conservative core principles of life, liberty, freedom, justice and traditional family values.

    Patriot Samuel Adams is known as the Father of the American Revolution. To move the colonist toward independence from the tyrannical rule of King George, Adams started "brush fires" of revolutionary thought that spread through the colonies so quickly that they could not be extinguished.

    Soon a group of patriots formed the "Sons of Liberty." The group met in churches and at Faneuil Hall in Boston. In 1773, colonists led by the Sons of Liberty staged a Tea Party in Boston Harbor aboard a ship that contained a cargo of the King's imported tea. In open rebellion to the King, patriots tossed the tea overboard.

    It is past time for Republican conservatives to start "brush fires" and stage a "tea party."

    With Sen. John McCain's unanticipated and rapid ascent to "presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee," the liberal (left) wing of the Republican Party is positioned to seize control of the party and its conservative soul. This cannot be allowed.

    McCain was able to move within striking distance of the nomination with only about 35 percent of the Republican vote. This anomaly was caused by so-called "moderate" independents voting for McCain in Republican primaries.

    McCain has a critical weakness ... an Achilles' heel. To beat the democrats, McCain must have the votes of the party's conservative base. Without the support of dedicated conservatives, leftist McCain cannot succeed.

    McCain CAN and must be stopped before the GOP anoints him with the nomination in September.

    The plan is simple. If as few as 10% of voting Republicans will commit to NEVER vote for John McCain, he cannot win the presidency.

    When the Republican establishment is confronted with the cold fact that if the party nominates McCain, all efforts to win the presidency will be in vain. It will be forced to "broker" the leftist McCain into oblivion where he rightfully belongs.

    Join the "Tea Party!" Help retake the Republican Party by tossing John Amnesty McCain overboard.

  5. There is no credibility to the accusations. That is why it is not being covered. You are obviously trying to promote their views. Why can't you discuss your left-wing politics without getting in the gutter you dumb fuck. Trying to defame McCain's military service is about as low as you can go you piece of human excrement!
  6. Go fuck yourself.

    Here's an idea. Go the website I linked, call the Vietnam Veterans who served with McCain or had dealings with him, and who have posted videos, transcripts, and personal accounts on their website, and tell them that they're liars.

    Did you do that to the guys that belonged to 'The Swift Boat' group in 2004?

    If not, fuck yourself twice.
  7. No thanks. I think you are doing a fine job fucking yourself.

    I did not post the swift boat group claims you pussy. You don't even have the balls to directly say that you agree with these losers, yet you post their site. You are the biggest tool on ET.

    BTW, five minutes have passed. Isn't time for you to start another moronic thread you pathetic piece of shit.
  8. I have long wondered why McCain went along with John Kerry to shut off the MIA issue. On the other hand, unlike the case with Kerry, all the POWs who were with McCain said he was a legitimate hero, Admiral Stockdale in particular.

    The media certainly did not publicize the Swft Boat claims. Individual vets cared enough to pay for those ads. The media sneered at them and called them liars, even as they swallowed Kerry's claims whole.
  9. 60 Minutes interviewed the guys from the SBVFT group - and so did Fox News, at the very least.

    I'm pretty confident that others gave them coverage, too, although I don't remember who specifically right now.
  10. Agreed. The bastid starts a thread calling Sarah Palin a dumb bitch... It's classic pearls before the swine, put a honest and hard working successful Christian in front of one of these pigs and they trample...
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