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  1. I know this is going to make a lot of forum members laugh, but are there any good videos/DVDs/courses that people can recommend?
  2. Generally, books are superior and goes much more in depth than any seminar will ever do.

    One of the books I have found most interesting is from James Dalton teaching the concepts of market profile and auction market theory. I did watch his Field of Vision seminar, but I did not find anything of value that was not in his books and his books are obviously far more dense.

    A few years back I came in possession of a seminar from a certain Peter Bain. It`s the worst piece of shit I have ever seen and not even valuable for a newbie. I doubt if he even knows what foreign exchange is. Even though I did not pay for it, I`m still slightly embarrased to admit that I actually watched it. To my defense, I was sick and wanted to try being productive while at bed, but my time would have been better spent watching porn or sleeping.

    The audio course from Trader X is worth listening to.

    There may be courses that are valuable that I do not know of, but generally, I think you`re better off with books. :)
  3. Thnaks Laissez - I find that I learn much better from watching something and seeing it done live on a screen, hence my interest.

    Funny you mention the Bain guy - I watched a bit of that too! Wasn't impressed.
  4. Yeah, I`m more of a book guy anyway, so maybe I`m biased.

    Search around, you may find something, but be VERY cautious and rather ask here first before you buy something. These are perilous waters with an abundance of snake oil sellers who want your money.

    I do believe there are certain webinars that may be worth watching. Quite a few on CME`s site if I`m not mistaken.
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    There is one, very rare video (unique in fact), 1.5 hours long, in 8 mm format, black and white, titled "The Hunt for Mokele-Mbembe. The life and times of the best tracker-trapper-sniper-trader in the world." by "Ming the Merciless-aka-MM".

    Exceptional video about trading, but it is rumoured that the only copy of the video that ever existed was destroyed in a fire.

    The good news is that I can confirm that the rumour is true. The video was destroyed, but a frame-by-frame photo copy of the video exists and it is located in a safe and extremely secret vault in Liechtenstein.