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  1. zdreg


    when i atttempt to load a video from the internet, i receive a blank screen with error message that referenced memory cannot be read.

    any solution would be appreciated
  2. you may want to check the page source to understand what program it tries to run and reinstall the particular program.
  3. zdreg


    i usually receive a message like Xoooooo8 referenced memory cannot be read. eg always get a blank screen when trying to retrieve a cnn video.
  4. Could you provide the exact error code?

    Also, try these several quick fixes to make sure it isn't simply a minor problem:
    • Clear your cache.
    • Make sure you have updated Windows Media Player
    • Make sure your browser has been updated
    • Disable Pop-up Blocker
    After checking the above, try viewing the video file again.

    - Spydertrader