Video , why do indicator based systems fail.

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    I absolutely love this.
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    Yes, he is the average ET poster... :D
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  4. I've stated many times....

    "Buy support
    Sell Resistance
    Chase Breakouts
    Use Stops".

    Get a handle on that and you're ahead of 99% of traders.

    This is not magical or the holy grail... it's "Chapter 1" of "TA 101". Unfortunately new traders are in too much of a hurry to get past Chapter 1 and get onto "the good stuff".

    Indicators are not necessary. They don't "make" trades, but can often be "reinforcing". (Example... "I'm looking at a possible bottom, and the RSI is low in its range.") %R, CCI, Stochastic, RSI.... are all range indicators. Look into them if curious. Popular as it is, I don't care for MACD. It's a 2nd derivative price and waaayyyy too slow.
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    Thanks for sharing again. I finally have time to learn and i value others opinions. As for indicators, i had swore off of them, but recently am using Full Stochastics with settings of 3,5,2. I also keep a 50 SMA on.
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  6. Can you please recommend me an indicator for the small timeframe intraday chart for catching trend reversals when price touch some support or resistance? I was thinking RSI.
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  7. Hello, how do you identify support and resistance? During the day there are many support and resistances?
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  9. Gary Fox

    Gary Fox

    Best educational posts on the site are under Scat Man's old posts as "gnome". Read them all and take notes.

    He's talked about chapter one a few times:

    "Chapter 1

    1. Pay attention. (You'd be surprised at how often THIS is a problem.)

    2. Trade the charts. Look for correlations of market behavior where the risk is low and profit potential is high... at least 2:1 R/R, in your mind.

    3. Be properly courageous.

    4. Have stop discipline and NEVER abandon it. Markets are tricky. Stops are your best defense.

    That should do for a primer..."
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  10. Thanks Gary,

    Can you please provide a link, I can not find the thread?
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