Video , why do indicator based systems fail.

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    You use words like "energy" and "spectral" and "sine waves" and (fergawdsakes) "Elliot" without defining those terms or their utility in the least. As someone who's been in the trading environment as long as you, this is not a priesthood, where you can get away with using neologisms without being challenged.

    Further, the graphic fails in any way to show either testable hypotheses, or their lovely step-child, predictive conditions. To put it in a phrase, "You can't trade that."

    True: the video was 5:50 long. Also true?? Give me (nearly) 6 minutes, and I can point out profitable entry after entry, exit after exit, using the Olde Phart ADX/DMIs from Our Man Wilder. Your video afforded you 5:50 of my attention, and failed. There may be something there[!!!], but you didn't show it.
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    Since all indicators are mathematical functions and their interpretation lies on the discretion of the trader, there's only one place the problem really exists.
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    That was so beautiful, Sprout, it gets the vaunted :D !!!
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    And a Happy :D to you, too!!!
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  5. Ditto that! :)
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    I watched video, and let's face it, it is like many other indicators and take months to understand how to use and test it to find that small area of repeating patterns, but most traders are going to shuck it off to the corner. This is America and better work fast and easy to understand and work for $299. Indicator systems don't work well cause they cannot indicate both sides, indicators indicate if you understand what it is they are indicating, it is like the parabolic SAR of Wilder, great in running markets but you get chopped to death in sideways action, so I imagine this is now often concerning all indicators, by themselves they are not enough, cause most traders won't have the basics memorized as in chart reading and enough skills to use this indicator, yeah, when something crosses arrow pops up or waiting for divergences, Doesn't take a cycle indicator to see stock market been up since 2009 and four letters said it all BTFD, and yes if you play with the parameters enough, you can show a dozen of them to show cycling finding the all time tops, and others using other indicator to do the same.

    And I understand why you select Fridays' to put this out, losing traders at close of Friday's lost for another week and PaPa Got a new bag as "James Brown" would say.

    But the good thing, the forum will get bored of this post and go onto others and you can sell your product. Right?
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    Thanks Murray. I'm not looking to buy a trading system at this time but if I was I would have to understand it much better than is possible after watching your video.
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  8. Anybody recall George Lane? He made a career of teaching traders how to use the Stochastic Oscillator for trading commodities.

    I didn't follow his work all that much but was aware of it. I see merit in the Stochastic... but you need to understand its limitations. You can't expect it to work "all of the time" (which makes it difficult to have a system based upon it), but it does have correlation to price movement SOMETIMES. If you know when and how it works, it's a somewhat usable tool. But you also need to understand its limitations and when it's meaningless. Which supports my notion, " some indicators work when you know how to use them".
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    This is America! It's my right to criticize a video I haven't watched!
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  10. Other than my initial impression of "sounded messy"... that's just my view.

    I'm not interested in "messy"... only "simple". I have a saying... "If you can't explain your trade in 10 words or less, it's probably wrong."

    Can..." tortured rules like left hand crossing, right hand crossing for things like stochastics is because of Spectral Regimes..." be explained in "10 words or less"?

    If not, I'm not interested. You however, are free to follow your own pursuits and to express criticism of mine.
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