Video , why do indicator based systems fail.

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    To be kind, this ad. is "pre-Beta."
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  4. I'm not going to read all of this, but let me pipe in with some old info...

    Years ago, The MoniResearch Newsletter tracked about 225 mutual fund market timer services. Editor Steve Shellins (sp?) claimed, "the group which claimed they primarily used CYCLES for their work were collectively the worst performers". The best performers were those who use "relative strength and sector rotation"... I was in the latter camp. (Nowdays, any analyst who even mentions the word "cycles" for timing market swings immediately gets onto my ignore list.)

    The primary reason "indicators don't work"... is because people don't know how to use them correctly!! (Not saying all of them work, but some do... and within their limitations... when properly applied... which may not be the conventional wisdom about how to apply them.)
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  5. The reason that indicator based systems fail is because indicators do not work.
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    Do you watch the video ?. Watch it and then post your comments. How they get applied is not the issue, the tortured rules for the indicators are the results of Spectral Regimes, which I explain in the video
  7. Some do when used properly.
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    Do you watch the video ? The reason indicators don't work and we have tortured rules like left hand crossing, right hand crossing for things like stochastics is because of Spectral Regimes.
  9. Sounds messy. So nope, didn't watch it. I already know about indicators "working or not".

    I'm a K.I.S.S. player. I don't pay attention to "chart/indicator anything" which doesn't meet my criteria for simplicity. Trading is difficult enough even with K.I.S.S.
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    There are four different possible combinations with each a different result:
    1. bad trader & bad indicator
    2. good trader & bad indicator
    3. bad trader & good indicator
    4. good trader & good indicator
    For each combination there is another explanation. As a trader it is best to be number 4.
    All 4 combinations exist in real life.

    If nothing works it means in general that the trader is plain stupid. Even if he is thinking that the indicators are the problem.

    For each problem one encounters there is always the question: is there a problem or am I the problem?
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