(Video) Trading Week Ahead: Ken's thoughts for Week of June 21st

Discussion in 'Events' started by KCalhoun, Jun 19, 2022.

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  2. I like your videos but one thing you seem to say is "remember when I said X". No I don't remember.

    My suggestion is you keep your lines on till the next video and talk about what price did around your lines, why they worked and why you think they didn't.
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    Good point, thanks... will do.
  4. Overnight


    Your video sux in that the cursor you use in the vids? It's a world engine, which was used in an attempt to destroy earth in Man of Steel. Shame on you!

  5. Ken, I advise you just to let Overnight have this one. I took him on once regarding movies or songs or something.... and I got destroyed. I'd just say "Overnight, you are right, my cursor sucks for the reason you mention" and walk away and write this one off. Save your ego unlike I saved mine LOL.
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    Anybody who complains about a cursor... #getalife
  7. I'm a Default guy, myself.

    Using custom, colorful, theatrical computer settings....tends to drive me nuts, weird, strange and manic, and restless and agitated easily.
    Kind of like that so-called Artist Temperament thing.

    Same thing with people who have Cellphone and Tablet Cases/Covers....that sh8t drives me nuts, and annoyed easily. And people who have stickers on their cars, and custom modifications.

    You don't alter the Statue of David. The Default settings by the designer is a Masterpiece.
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  8. Overnight


    You are terribly bad at detecting humor, man. It's a funny!
  9. LOL, I thought he was just kidding back at you Overnight!
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  10. But seriously, someone complaining about cursors or cheesy things like that has too much free time on their hands....
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